Through our platform approach we challenge the communications industry. We are the first player that truly breaks down the silos in our industry, delivering technology-infused, data-inspired and creative-driven marketing solutions, producing great results, top quality and maximum performance for our clients.

At Candid, we unify the many creative powers of our strong, independent specialised agencies to create meaningful, authentic and effective work that moves, connects and performs. We bring together the specialist skills, cultures and identities of strong agency brands, organised in a single platform around a common goal and shared believe: when we unite the creative powers of our agencies with a candid spirit, we deliver the best performing solutions for our clients. We foster candidness, autonomy and collaboration which are reflected in our three foundational pillars:

1. Be Candid, it’s contagious

At Candid we nurture a culture of candor. Candidness is the quality of speaking with honesty, authenticity, and directness. Being truthful, open and straightforward. It is also about trust. Effective candor works as a two-way street and involves listening and considering what others are saying. It’s about engaging in meaningful conversations about all topics that matter to those involved. Building trust takes time and consistency, and the reward is an open, respectful and clear flow of intelligence. That’s how we make our clients grow.

2. Operating a T-shaped model

Collaboration calls for T-shaped people. People with great, in-depth skills (the vertical bar of the T), and equipped with knowledge, expertise and understanding of all other aspects (the horizontal bar of the T). By bringing together T-shaped people in a candid culture great things happen. It creates a T-shaped organisation. Clients choose a Candid agency for their deep expertise but find themselves supported and connected to other fields of expertise within the Candid platform ensuring that our agencies creative solutions for clients are embedded in a broader context.

3. Enabled by Technology

We view the world from a technology perspective. There is no digital strategy, only a strategy for a digital world. Innovative technologies facilitate marketing in many ways: targeting, retargeting, personalisation, meaningful interactions, engaging experiences, seamless upper and lower funnels and effortless transactions. We also embrace technology to enable our own operations, facilitating knowledge sharing, creating collaborative processes and integrated project management. We operate on the frontiers of these digital developments.

Our Candid leadership.

  • Gérard Ghazarian

  • Ruud Wanck
    Chief Executive Officer

  • Marcel van der Avoort
    Chief Financial Officer

  • Saskia Wagenmakers
    Chief Client Officer

  • Youri van der Mijn
    Chief Information Officer

  • Niels Rijerse
    Chief Product Officer

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      Be Candid,
      it’s contagious.

      Candidness is the quality of speaking with
      honesty and authenticity. Our Candid editorial
      team shares stories that matter on media, data,
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      Our Candid editorial team
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