for growth

We are a platform organization. We bring together the specialist skills, cultures and identities of strong agency brands in one single platform, organized around a common goal and shared believe: when we unite the creative powers of our agencies with a candid spirit, we deliver the best performing solutions for our clients. We realize this by means of our three foundational pillars: our culture of candor, our T-shaped people and organization and the way we enable technology.

With our shared candid philosophy, and our connective and supportive role as a platform, we empower our talents, and clients. We provide expertise from our agencies, services, scale and resources for our talent and clients to perform personally and profitably.

We are built for change and designed for growth.

of candor

Our culture is our most valuable asset to ensure that our agencies work together successfully. Open communication flourishes, when everyone listens, empathizes and shows respect. We share information, look for counterarguments, adapt to change, and behave as we want others to behave. Be Candid, it’s contagious represents not only how we operate internally, but also how we approach the market, engage with clients, adapt to change and challenge conventional thinking.


Collaboration calls for T-shaped people. People with great, in-depth skills in one aspect of our integrated offering, and equipped with knowledge and understanding of all other aspects. By bringing together T-shaped people in a candid culture, great things happen. It creates a T-shaped organization. Clients choose a specific Candid agency for their deep expertise but find themselves supported and connected to other fields of expertise ensuring solutions are embedded in the bigger picture.

enabled marketing

We view the world from a technology perspective. Innovative technologies facilitate marketing in many ways: targeting, re-targeting, personalization, meaningful interactions, engaging experiences, seamless upper and lower funnels and effortless transactions. We also embrace technology to enable our own operations, facilitating knowledge sharing, creating collaborative processes and integrated project management. We operate on the frontiers of these digital developments.