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Launching your brand into automated metaverse advertising

For the first time an automated advertising system has been created for the...

Netflix: what will a new model mean for advertisers?

Was it an instant reaction to a disappointing set of numbers or an expressi...

Major advertisers are looking to buy effects directly through podcasts

People in the know estimate that - in terms of advertising - the Dutch podc...

​Growing as a brand without TV?

Relatively young "online" brands such as My Jewellery, Mr. Marvis and Goril...

Cutting-edge VR and AR solutions help Volvo Cars attract new customers

The automotive industry is changing and so are its marketing campaigns. Tra...

​Major Olympic sponsors are waiting for 'Paris 2024'

One thing that stood out during the recent television broadcasts of the (pr...

Is now the time to embrace immersive storytelling?

All brands have stories to tell about their products, customers, employees ...

'Brands that behave immorally now have nowhere to hide'

L'Oréal, H&M and recently also The Voice of Holland have all been there...

How to create podcasts that work for brands and audiences?

In theory, podcasting offers an ideal channel for deep, long-form engagemen...

How can Max Verstappen become a global brand?

Max Verstappen is already one of the biggest stars in Dutch sports history,...

How the world's top art museums reach Generation Z

For every brand it is a challenge to reach a young audience. Internationall...

​Only Connect -Will Advertising-funded CTV Services Create Opportunities for Brands?

According to data published by Strategy Analytics, more than 80 per cent of...

​From Business Club to Hotel Suite: Harper's Bazaar's imaginative brand extensions

Jewelry Week, Women Of The Year Award, Harper's Bazaar Suite and now Harper...

Big budget Christmas TV ads can cost millions but are the likes of Coca-Cola and John Lewis getting their money's worth?

They can cost millions to make and only a few will capture the hearts and m...

How Unilever brings purpose into the gaming world and metaverse

From gaming competitions to a virtual island in the metaverse. Unilever is ...

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