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Can EU regulations stop targeted advertising?

Targeted advertising by profiling consumers has been the holy grail in digi...

How virtual concerts in the metaverse can inspire brands

For the first time, Justin Bieber performed a live show as an avatar in his...

Is there a structural revenue model behind the rise of NFTs?

Of course, in the main, the focus in our articles is on the corporate world...

Deloitte 2022 marketing trends: toward human-first data experiences

From purpose as a beacon of growth to dynamic customer services with AI. De...

Pokémon Go creator: "Real-world version of metaverse can bring us back together.''

The CEO of the company that came up with Pokémon Go thinks that we should b...

Interesting brand collaborations in women's football: from Arsenal player Vivianne Miedema & War Child to Ajax Women & ABN AMRO

Women's football has been on the rise across the globe in recent years. Whi...

Will Tesco be the advertising powerhouse of the future?

Tesco's new advertising offering has plenty to entice brands but some are c...

Is The Advertising Industry Doing Enough To Attract And Develop Diverse Talent?

The advertising industry prides itself on being forward-thinking and in tou...

How can Max Verstappen become a global brand?

Max Verstappen is already one of the biggest stars in Dutch sports history,...

Film maker Selwyn de Wind offers an 'Insider's View'

Tela Sambo
The exhibition 'Kòrsou – Curaçao' is a unique collaboration between the Nat...

How virtual 3D shopping malls are shaping the future of social media

Some companies have invested more than $1 million to buy virtual land for s...

​Online platform Parfumado: where data acts as a second nose

When Martijn van Rooy was launching perfume brand YVRA and discovered that ...

Parallel Worlds - Is Now the Time to Prepare for the Metaverse?

The arrival of Mark Zuckerberg's vision of a three-dimensional "metaverse" ...

The best strategy in building a platform (together)

Over the coming decades, the main focus for companies will be on building p...

'In terms of offering the best customer excellence on this planet, I can see there are parallels between Jumbo and Amazon'

Rupert Parker Brady and Maarten Beernink recently published an update of th...

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