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Launching your brand into automated metaverse advertising

For the first time an automated advertising system has been created for the...

'Most advertisers are strong supporters of Twitter moderation because they don't want to advertise in the middle of hate speech'

Elon Musk is "mercurial" and "uncontrollable" which is a "dangerous mix" wh...

​P&G's Marc Pritchard: 'Some say the system is broken. It is not, it was built that way'

marc Queen Latifah, Haley Anderson, Marc Pritchard and Brittany Fennel
Chimpanzees are just an example. Procter & Gamble's Chief Brand Officer...

Netflix: what will a new model mean for advertisers?

Was it an instant reaction to a disappointing set of numbers or an expressi...

Sponsors Qatar World Cup set to follow ING

Sponsors linked to the Qatar World Cup are set to follow Dutch banking powe...

Oatly's Rebel Rebel-marketing strategy

The brand Oatly has conquered the world in a relatively short amount of tim...

Can 'Digital out of Home' find the right customers at the right time?

According to a report published in February by Allied Market Research, the ...

​Growing as a brand without TV?

Relatively young "online" brands such as My Jewellery, Mr. Marvis and Goril...

Research: partnership CMO and CEO crucial to deliver growth

Chief marketing officers (CMOs) have the power and credibility to influence...

From brand purpose to brand inclusivity: 'I am a big fan of Fenty'

After "purpose," the new marketing concept of the day is "brand inclusivity...

​Should brands be more adventurous when choosing experiential marketing venues?

Experiential marketing takes many forms but at root, it's all about taking ...

Coca-Cola: digital design, virtual flavors and reducing the sugar footprint

Immersive virtual worlds inspire lasting relationships. Find out how a virt...

A preliminary answer to the question of whether NFTs are a major contender or just hot air?

Bored Ape Yacht Club (those NFTs) recently secured an investment of 450 mil...

The Airbnb-case: brand versus performance, that's the question

The debate about performance marketing versus brand building is a perennial...

Cutting-edge VR and AR solutions help Volvo Cars attract new customers

The automotive industry is changing and so are its marketing campaigns. Tra...

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