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Merlin Entertainments and Creature win at the Effies

Effie UK recognises and celebrates the most effective marketing performance of the year, and at this year's awards, Creature and Merlin Entertainments won a bronze for our work across Merlin's Midway attractions and the London recovery post-pandemic, defying the odds and delivering industry-leading ROIs.

Only twenty-one winners were chosen this year for their ability to solve marketing challenges effectively, connecting with the target audience and achieving outstanding results.

Juliet Haygarth, Managing Director, Effie UK, said: "It's not easy to make effective marketing day in and day out. Nor is it easy to win an Effie. With more entries than ever, this year's competition was hotly contested and has produced a strong set of winners that are testament to the talent, tenacity and innovation of marketers in the UK. We're proud to shine a spotlight on a diverse set of work that demonstrates the tangible impact marketing can have, no matter what the challenge."

Dan Cullen-Shute, CEO, Creature adds "Alongside all the big, network names, it was bloody lovely to see independent and boutique agencies picking up gongs. A strong indie sector makes the industry better, and an indie sector focused on effectiveness is how you build a strong indie sector." 

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