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Matthew Robinson CEO of newly created services pillar, bringing together multiple group agencies

Today we're announcing the formation of a unified advertising, content & technology pillar to be led by newly appointed CEO Matthew Robinson. The strategic initiative is aimed at further removing complexity for advertisers and their brands by bringing together multiple creative and digital agencies, including Creature and Positive, into one unified pillar.

The advertising, content & technology pillar comprises of award winning creative advertising agency Creature, integrated digital marketing agency Positive UK and Positive Netherlands, the social agency recently formed by bringing together Daily Dialogues and Havana Harbor. Recent acquisitions DUNKD, a social content agency and video specialist Session One, complete the new services pillar.

Newly appointed CEO Matthew Robinson, joins Candid from Joint, where he was CEO, with earlier roles including stints at AMVBBDO, Weapon 7 and The Moment Content Company. Under Robinson's leadership, the pillar will operate with individual agency identities while collaborating closely to leverage synergies.

Julian Reiter, outgoing founder and CEO of Positive and Dan Cullen-Shute, outgoing founder and CEO of Creature have decided to leave, two years after successfully integrating their businesses within the Candid platform.

Matthew Robinson comments: " I am so excited to take this role and lead such a talented group of people across the Candid advertising, content & technology pillar. Creature and Positive UK & NL are strong businesses, with complementary skill sets and a fantastic set of clients. As the marketing landscape continues to evolve, these companies working closer together will be even better for our people and our clients."

Rudiger Wanck, CEO of the Candid platform, adds: "In an industry that is changing at lightning speed, it's crucial for businesses to stay ahead of the curve. As a platform our mission is to use technology (and AI) to remove complexity for CMOs and brands by eliminating having to choose between specialization or integration. By bringing together our advertising, content and technological capabilities in a unified pillar, we enable our clients to seamlessly access these services without any friction. And in doing so ensure they are better equipped to address the business challenges they are facing today."

"After leading Positive for over 20 years, my goal in joining the Candid platform was to create an exciting future for the agency and to introduce new leadership to take it on to the next chapter," says Julian Reiter. "Having fully integrated Positive into Candid, launched the Positive brand in the Netherlands and recruited a new leadership team, I am now delighted to be passing on the mantle to Matthew and the team and wish them great success."

Dan Cullen-Shute, outgoing founder and CEO of Creature, adds: "Apparently it's been 13 years since Ben, Ed, Stu and I set up shop in Curtain Road, which doesn't make sense to me, because it was only 20 minutes ago, and I'm about a hundred years older. Whichever quantum timescale you buy into, though, suffice to say Creature, the business I built with those three (and latterly with Gibbo and Hanisha), and the impact it's had on the industry, represent the proudest 13 years of my career, and the best thing I've ever done professionally, by a distance; but now, as Candid – and my brilliant, brilliant gang – move on to their next, exciting phase, it's time for a rest: there are lakes that need to be jumped into, moors that need to be mountain biked, U8s football teams that need to be coached, and, at some point, I'll probably have a think about what the next exciting work adventure will be."

"Their contributions have been invaluable", Rudiger Wanck says, "and the Candid platform extends its gratitude for their dedication and leadership as we now look forward to this new and exciting chapter together with Matthew."