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Candid Develops Location-based advertising expertise with the Acquisition of Mobile Journey

Location-based advertising platform Mobile Journey is joining the Candid platform. This addition marks a new milestone in Candid's ambition to offer a complete range of advertising services, both locally and internationally. Mobile Journey, founded and led by Ramona Ramdaras, becomes part of Candid's media cluster and will continue to operate under its own name.

Mobile Journey is a specialized platform used directly by media agencies and advertisers as an advertising platform for innovative location-based campaigns. The platform is known for its effective national and international campaigns for retail, government, FMCG, and B2B, serving diverse brands such as Adidas, Rituals, G-star, and Shell.

Ramona Ramdaras: "The growth of our platform is attributed to our drive for success. The coming months we'll focus on the further development and implementation of our AI-driven solutions. We share our vision of change and innovation with the Candid platform. I am looking forward to the scale it provides to be part of the rapidly growing Candid platform and the collaboration with the Candid agencies.

Ruud Wanck, CEO Candid platform: "With the addition of Mobile Journey, we can better serve clients in both integrated campaigns and direct local visibility. For us, Mobile Journey is once again a distinctive addition to our unique platform model, where advertisers do not have to choose between specialized or integrated services. For Candid, the addition of Mobile Journey is the next step in the growth of our platform, where we continue to integrate specialization and creativity through our platform technology. I'm looking forward to our further growth and successes."

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