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We empower businesses that focus on

  innovation and energy

Our story

Candid was
founded in 2007

Candid is a new approach in the marketing and communication industry. A platform organisation. We offer the best of both worlds: specialist agencies performing to their strengths, but with the efficiencies and scale that comes from a connected platform. Devoid from internal complexity, our platform model enables agencies to perform at their best with seamless access to the other communication specialisms when required. We are Candid. We are the platform for growth.


Candid is designed for scale. We use technology to remove complexity, avoid management layers (e.g. overheads) and enable our agencies to do individually and collectively what they do best: driving growth for brands. Within Candid all agencies operate on a shared systems platform with a single goal in mind: innovation and seamless collaboration.

Candid board

The Candid Board is responsible for promoting the success of Candid by directing and supervising policy and strategy.

Executive Committee.

Our philosophy is also represented in our leadership structure. Each of the agencies are represented in the Candid platform Executive leadership Committee (Candid ExCo):

CEO Candid & ExCo Chairman

Rudiger Wanck

CEO - Brand Potential

Mary Say

Chief Commercial Officer Candid Amplify

Auke Boersma

Chief Executive Officer Positive and Creature

Matthew Robinson


Our governance system ensures the successful execution of strategy.

Our governance system ensures the successful execution of the company’s strategy.


We use our platform approach to build better futures.

For our people, planet, clients and communities. As an example, we reduce our carbon footprints by using sustainable energy and limit corporate cars (but support working from home, biking and the use of public transportation) and in addition our agencies also support numerous sector and sustainable or non-profit initiatives including:

Kika, XLP, World Cleanup Day and Justdiggit


Through our platform approach we make brands, agencies and people grow faster together.